Aminata Drammeh

Age: 21

Education: Highline Community College, Associate of Arts in Business Administration, 2016


  • Student Ambassador for TRIO, member and tutored TRIO students
  • Outreach Ambassador, representing Highline at the Student of Color Conference
  • Student Government of Seattle University Transfer Student Representative
  • ENACTUS club, Seattle University (Entrepreneurship club hosted on campus to focuses on business ideas to improve local businesses)
  • Garfield High School tutor


  • Highline Academic Achievement Scholarship, Highline College Winter 2016
  • Vice President Honor Roll: Winter 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016
  • Alfie Scholars, Seattle University
  • Loyola Scholarship, Seattle University 2016-2017

Major: Business Administration with concentration in Finance and Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor, 2018

Goals: To have a career as a financial advisor or in financial analytics and to help educate people, particularly recent immigrants, about their finances.

Civility: As a Muslim African-American female I have experienced derogatory words used against me based on my appearance. Whether this was intentional or not, it made me question what I did to evoke such uncivil behavior from that person. That experience also made me rethink what it means to be civil in a society that demonstrates incivility. I believe in order for us to live in a completely civil society, we must first learn to give and receive respect. This also includes being able to engage in really meaningful conversations without letting your emotions negatively cloud your judgment.

Autobiography: I am a first-generation college student. My parents immigrated to the United States 20 years ago from The Gambia, and I was born in Washington State. I speak English and Soninke. I am inspired to become successful and earn my bachelor’s degree not only for me but for my family and community as well. I enjoy being involved both on campus and in my community, and I also want to serve the community and campus.

While attending community college and high school, I have discovered my passion and career through various clubs, programs, jobs, and events. I enjoy taking pictures of flowers a lot (hydrangeas are my favorite), playing on my Nintendo with other people around the globe, especially Pokémon, and sleep! My favorite word is fantabulous, and yes, it is a word. You might hear me say it often. It's practically part of my motto. It is fantastic and fabulous combined together, and you get FANTABULOUS! I have a great deal of energy and am audacious, but I will guarantee that you will have at least a smile when we cross paths on campus. As an Alfie Scholar, I would hope to have the opportunity to learn from each of you and the SU community and to have the opportunity to grow and be able to build a community. I believe that you cannot be successful without having a support group. With that, I am excited for the next chapters of my educational career, and by the end of it, fantabulous will be in your dictionary.