David Morales Rosales

Age: 26

Education: South Seattle College, Associate of Arts, 2016


  • Volunteer translator for the King County Sheriff’s Office
  • Student Ambassador, Seattle U niversity 125th Anniversary Gala


  • Career Link's student of the year, 2012
  • Phi Theta Kappa Member
  • South Seattle's Transforming lives Award Nominee, 2014
  • South Seattle Community College President’s List
  • The Jill Wakefield Endowed Scholarship
  • Alfie Scholars, Seattle University
  • Messina Scholarship, Seattle University, 2016-2017

Major: Criminal Justice, 2018

Goals: To become an exemplary police officer. My hope is to serve and protect my community as it has served my family and me over the years.

Civility: Civility can take the form of an act of generosity, it can be worn on a police badge or a firefighter patch, and acts of civility can help shape the world for the better just as acts of incivility can effect and destroy our way of life. In the end it comes down to what C.S Lewis said about integrity, and that is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Autobiography: My Name is David Morales Rosales. I was born in Mexico and speak Spanish and English. I graduated from Career Link High School. I am the first person in my family to go to college and graduate with a college degree. While attending college, I worked full-time to support my wife and two children. I was honored to be the 2015 Career Link High School’s graduation speaker. Also I was humbled when after hearing the introduction speech I gave for the West Seattle Rotary Club Medal of Honor Recipient Bruce P. Crandall, he actually honored me by giving me one of his “challenge coins.” Both of the scholarships I have received from Seattle University will be of tremendous financial assistance, and in addition, the Alfie scholarship will give me the proper guidance in becoming a successful student and leader at Seattle University. My motivation for achieving success is my family. My wife Adriana has been very supportive of my education, and my two children, Adrian and Sarali, give me the strength to strive to be better every day. I hope to accomplish great achievements at Seattle University as an Alfie Scholar.