Giang Nguyen

Age: 18

Education: Shoreline Community College, Associate of Arts in Business Administration, 2016


  • International Student Representative, Seattle University
  • Student Ambassador, Seattle University 125th Anniversary Gala
  • Student Representative, Associated Student Government, Shoreline Community College
  • Secretary, Delta Epsilon Chi of Shoreline Community College
  • Co-leader, Media and Promotion Officer, Heroes Club, Shoreline Community College
  • Volunteer for the International Students Orientation Program, Food Drive, Winter Clothing Drive, and Food Bank for Northwest Harvest


  • Vice President’s List, Shoreline Community College
  • Vice President of Services of Shoreline Community College Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa
  • Alfie Scholars, Seattle University

Major: Business Administration and International Business, 2018

Goals: I am looking forward to getting work experience here in the U.S and to becoming an entrepreneur. I hope to effectively promote the ideals of generosity and appreciation in my future endeavors as an innovative business leader. I desire to be a leader that promotes an open line of communication with my colleagues and values the varying perspectives that each person brings to the table. Additionally, I am dedicated to being part of a business community that practices compassion, mindfulness, and most importantly, service.

Civility: “Oh gourd, please love winter melon. Even though we are different species, we share the same frame.” This Vietnamese lullaby about appreciating diversity was sung to me by my grandma. Little did I know the big influence that this lullaby has on my perspective regarding civility. Growing up in Vietnam, civility is engrained in our cultural behaviors, traditions, and social norms. As a Student Representative at Shoreline Community College, I was aware of the diversity of the student population, allowed students to voice their opinions, and ensured that their feedback was taken into account. I had the responsibility to serve my community by example as a leader on campus. I always strive to work towards being a student that treats her peers with respect and dignity.

Autobiography: I am an international student, coming from the beautiful S-shaped country, Vietnam. Since a young age, I have found my passion in studying different languages and traveling. It has been a great privilege to be attending Seattle University as an Alfie Scholar and a student at Albers University.

As the International Student Representative this 2016-2017 school year, I am looking forward to helping the international student community feel at home here at SU and make the best out of their college experience.

I love surrounding myself with friends and getting to know other people. During my free time, I usually catch up with friends, go shopping or cook for friends and family. I also enjoy watching movies; my favorite of all time must be “The Devil Wears Prada.”

I am honored to be an Alfie Scholar because my cultural background aligns directly with the Alfie Scholars Program’s mission. The Alfie Scholars Program gives me a sense of a close community that I appreciate as an international transfer student. Additionally, the Alfie Scholars Program provides students personalized help from the director and other mentors that help me grow into a constructive individual that advocates for the underrepresented.