Hiba Salama

Age: 34

Education: Bellevue College, Associate of Science, 2011


  • Tutor, Bellevue College, in math, biology, and chemistry

  • Office Assistant, Health Science Department, Bellevue College

  • Volunteer, Islamic Community Center


  • Phi Theta Kappa, 2010

  • Graduation with High Distinction, 2011

  • Alfie Scholars, Seattle University

Major: Computer Science, 2020

Goals: I want to use my life experiences to teach women about the importance of education and to empower and inspire them to pursue their dreams. I hope to do this by helping women overcome any personal obstacles due to cultural, social, or community pressures, just as I have done in my own life.

Civility: Through dialogue between cultures, races, and religions, we can obtain respect and understanding for the diversity in our communities. Though not everyone has the time nor the means to host an interfaith, multicultural, or similar event, the principle of communication can be extrapolated to every-day life. Communication can be as simple as gaining awareness about a religious holiday that a co-worker is taking the day off for, learning about the new local cultural center, or asking about the languages spoken by colleagues. Simple communication between individuals paves the way towards the practice of civility.

Autobiography: I am originally from Jordan. I speak Arabic and English. I came to the U.S ten years ago to pursue a dream of independence, education, and freedom. I will be the first woman in my family of 6 women to complete a bachelor’s degree.

While taking classes at BC, I participated in a wide range of activities such as tutoring, working, and volunteering. I enjoyed tutoring math and chemistry to many different students, which allowed me to learn about different types of individuals and their cultures, nationalities, and religions. I had to leave school to return to Jordan to fight for the custody of my 4-year-old daughter. After enduring three-years where I struggled greatly against the misogynistic legal system, and was nearly halted in my pursuit of personal empowerment and independence, I prevailed and achieved justice for my daughter and me. Although I had to leave her in Jordan, I return during school breaks and have the dream that once I have my degree and career, she will be able to join me here.