Pa Ousman Jobe

Age: 24

Education: Highline College, Associate of Arts in Business, 2016


  • Student Body President, Highline College
  • Co-President Honors Leadership Team, Highline College
  • International Student Mentor, Highline College
  • Thanksgiving Food drive, Highline College
  • Tax Preparer, United Way of King County


  • Highline Academic Achievement Scholarship, Highline College Winter 2016
  • President Honor Roll
  • Scholastic Achievement Award-Economics
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Alfie Scholars, Seattle University
  • Messina Scholarship, Seattle University 2016–2017
  • Albers Undergraduate Student council, Seattle University 2016–2017

Major: Business, Economics and Finance, 2018

Goals: My long-term goal is to be a Financial or Economic analyst. Witnessing the struggles of my country, The Gambia, I am convinced this is an ideal path to battle political and economic corruption and fix our failing systems here and elsewhere in the world. Furthermore, I hope to work with marginalized and underrepresented communities towards economic and social justice.

Civility: As the human species continue to transcend through the universe, uncivil actions and rhetoric are gearing towards normalization thereby posing a threat to our shared humanity. Despite our being more similar than different, the absence of love has enlarged the space occupied by fear and hate. Our society has become more narcissistic, and we have forgotten the roots that bind us all together. Restoring respect and love is the first recipe towards a more civil society. 

Autobiography: I was born in The Gambia, one of Africa’s smallest countries. I speak English and Wolof. I love smiling, connecting with people and celebrating diversity. My passions include playing soccer and exploring the outdoors. Social justice and equitable treatment of people and resources is central to my core, and I am always advocating for building a more free and civil society especially for marginalized and oppressed groups.

My life journey, especially through education, has shaped me into a better, more determined individual that does not succumb to the problems of the world. I participated and served as the Co-President for the honors leadership team and a member of the Highline’s Phi Theta Kappa Society, as well as a Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges Students delegate. I graduated as a honors scholar. In my role as President, I appointed students to serve on various committees including the services and activities budget committee disbursing about $2.6M into various student programs and activities.

In my quest for a more socially just and equitable society, I led students in advocating for a light rail station next to campus to cater to the transportation needs of middle, low, and marginalized students and communities. I attended various Sound Transit board meetings and also held a peaceful rally to express the concerns of students regarding safety, security, and access. Earlier this year, I also organized an Open Education Resource (OER) Campaign at Highline College appealing to faculty members to opt to use OER’s instead of the expensive conventional textbooks.

My vision for a better world, especially for underrepresented communities, aligns with Seattle University’s mission. Being involved in various programs at Highline and other organizations provided me with the required knowledge and skills, especially in service and leadership, to continue my quest for knowledge towards building a more equitable and civility-oriented society. As a first-generation college student, I hope my story can motivate others, who might share similar stories, to pursue higher education. Being an Alfie Scholar will not only provide me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and getting a university degree a reality, but it will also serve as hope for a civil society.