Azrael Howell

Azrael Howell_square.jpg

Age: 40

Education: Everett Community College, Associate in Arts and Science – DTA, 2016

SU Major: Health Psychology/Integrated Wellness, 2019


  • Member, Guided Pathway Equity Gap committee, Everett Community College, 2016–present

  • Program Specialist, PROPELS student coaching, 2014–present

  • Presenter, Mentoring Conference, University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute, 2017

  • Presenter, Mentoring Conference, Everett Community College, 2016–17

  • Facilitator, Real Talk Wednesdays Courageous Conversations Open Forum, Everett Community College, 2014–2017

  • Guest Speaker, Leadership Snohomish County, 2016

  • ASB President, Everett Community College, 2014–16

  • Chair, ASB Executive Council, Everett Community College, 2014–2016

  • Member, College Success Committee, Everett Community College, 2013–16

  • Member, Achieving the Dream Committee, Everett Community College, 2013–16

  • Member, Tenure Review Committee, Everett Community College, 2014–15

  • Student representative, Community Engagement Event, Everett Community College, 2014–15

  • Student representative, Hiring Committee for Executive VP of Instruction and Student Service, 2013–14

  • ASB Senator, Everett Community College, 2013–14


  • Alfie Scholar, Seattle University, 2017

  • Messina Scholarship, Seattle University, 2017

  • Graduated with High Honors, Everett Community College, 2017

  • President’s List, Everett Community College 2015–17

  • Outstanding Student Employee, Everett Community College, 2016

My long-term goal is to become a Holistic Psychologist, Life-Coach, and Philanthropist. It is my responsibility as a global citizen of Earth to give back to my local community while also being mindful of my global community. If I can encourage others through practice of mindfulness, humble leadership and civility, we can begin to give birth to an ideal reality.

Civility to me is the love of all things, of all life whether human or beast. Civility to me is the act of being in the present moment and not being a victim of our past.
Civility to me is going beyond our own means to uplift those that have no means.
Civility to me is LOVE unconditionally.


I was born in Brooklyn, NY, in the late 70's and grew up with my twin brother and single mother. Growing up in Brooklyn without a male influence was hard for my brother and me. We began to depend on each other for safety during the rough times in the 80's through the early 90's. As a child, I viewed the world as if everything were symbolic of heaven. Raised in a Jewish and Christian background, I began to venture outside of my family beliefs and viewed my life from a more spiritual than religious perspective.

Tired of the busy city life and living with fear, my brother and I moved out to Terre Haute, Indiana, to live with our dad. This was a completely different atmosphere than the city, and I endured more hardship within the first few years than I had ever had in New York. From homelessness, racism, harassment from law enforcement, and the tragedy of losing high school friends, these experiences would shape the life that I live today in the quest for civility and global citizenship.

Who is Azrael Howell today?

I am a spiritual being living a human experience called life. In this existence, I am a musician, artist, philosopher and proud father of 4 wonderful children whom I mentor as students of the world. I worked in retail for 15 years before embarking on my higher education journey. While attending Everett Community College I had the pleasure of building myself as a strong leader, a model student coach, and a member of the Everett community. Between 2013 and 2017, I was an active member in student government and participant on numerous campus committees to help improve the student experience. In 2014–15, I was elected Associated Student Body President and was reelected for the following school year. I’ve served on college committees, volunteered at student events, worked with college administrators and the Board of Trustees, attended community events, and held discussions with state legislators in Olympia. I have co-facilitated the Diversity & Equity Center’s Real Talk, which is an open forum for students, staff, and faculty to have courageous conversations about social justice issues, current events and other topics that affect us all.

I created and later managed the PROPELS Student-to-Student Coaching program. In March 2017, I obtained my DTA in Arts and Science with a focus on Philosophy.

My love of wisdom drives my curiosities and has been a driving force towards my continual evolution of self. It is in my nature to help others, hence my name Azrael which literally means helper of God. I take it as a duty and responsibility to encourage people to think about their overall health in a holistic manner involving mind, body, and spirit. I love making new meaningful connections, helping others to achieve their goals and continue to grow as individual members of our global community called Earth. It is of the utmost importance to me that we communicate and share ideas while embracing our differences so that we may grow together and become the best versions of ourselves.