Cesar Rios III

Age: 28


Concorde Career College, Dental Assistant Certificate, March 2012

Seattle Central College, Associate of Arts, June 2018

SU Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, June 2020


  • Student Member, Seattle Central Library Tenure Committee, 2016–2018

  • Active Member, Phi Theta Kappa Volunteer Outreach, Seattle Central College, 2016–2018

  • Volunteer, Global Impact Outreach: Keta, Ghana, August 2017

  • Co-Chairman, Library Initiative, Co-Chairman, Seattle Central College, 2017–2018


  • Dental Assistant Honors and Attendance Awards, Concordia Career College, 2011–2012

  • Member, Phi Theta Kappa, 2016–2018

  • Above and Beyond Achievement Award, Phi Theta Kappa, 2018

  • Leadership Award, Phi Theta Kappa, 2018

  • Dean’s List, Seattle Central College, Quarterly 2016–2018

  • Presidential Medal Nominee, Seattle Central College, 2018

  • Xavier Scholarship, Seattle University, 2018–2019

  • Alfie Scholar, Seattle University, 2018–2020


My professional goal is to become a Surgical Nurse, specializing in cardiothoracic surgery. My long-term goal is to donate time abroad for an outreach program in need of medical volunteers.


Civility is the need to make a difference in the lives of others, through action and wisdom and in the world through peace, kindness and a willingness and open heart to learn. I believe that involvement and cultural curiosity coupled with awareness help shape philanthropic ideals which help civility grow. Civility wishes to be a part of others and guides people to fellowship and unity.


I am a first-generation Latino college student who is also the first grandchild on both sides of my family. This makes me, in a way, the flag-ship. I wish to be a positive figure in the lives of my sisters and my cousins who have had to deal with severe circumstances in their lives. A standing motto for me, which has many spiritual backings, comes from Eleonor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent.” I have survived the cruelty which comes with being openly gay. I have overcome the mental abuse of family and educators. Each instance in my life, though somber, has pressed me to be that person who can relate to and help others who may find themselves in similar situations.

My grandmother has always spoken words of love and empowerment into my life. Since I was small, she has always told me how smart I am, how I am a wonderful grandson, how I would amount to something. I must say this has played a significant role in developing the type of person I choose to be. I choose to be a person who values connection and understanding of those who are affected by pain. My goal is to be a leader among my peers, setting a positive example of love and compassion to all people. I value fellowship and unity. I am a person who wishes to be a part of the underserved communities. I pray constantly for the wisdom and guidance to better serve those around me.

I will continue on the path of obtaining my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree which will help me better assist as a medical volunteer abroad. God has begun a good work in me, and I feel in my heart of hearts that I can better support my community as a medical professional. I believe the Alfie Scholar program will help me realize my goals and further my education in civility. For years I prayed for my special gift to this world to be made known to me. I am a healer, and I wish to be in close communion with those who suffer from disease. May God bless my journey.


During this transition you will experience emotion. If you and I are similar; you have fled from emotion and lived a fallacy of disconnection from any form of intimacy which would allow you to feel. You will have been insecure in your ability and sense of direction for life. Please listen when I state that the fear of anything only exists in the mind. We are in control of what we choose to believe of ourselves and of others. I have found my truths: I am patient; I am kind; I am open-minded. I choose to give the benefit of the doubt whether circumstances favor me or not. I believe there is civility in life; it is just out of practice. I hold steadfast to the truth that I am worthy.

I hope you too will be receptive and find your truths. You will create a connection with your fellows, which will ask of you to let down barriers. Embrace it and heal. You deserve it.

What it means to be an Alfie:

Becoming an Alfie has been a conditioning of the mind. My practice was to never allow myself feelings of honor or accomplishment. I have always tried to be humble in every aspect of success that has been awarded to me. I now know that humbleness and self-love are able to coexist. It is possible to show myself gratitude and love for the hard work I have dedicated in the name of Jesus.

Being an Alfie has taught me to celebrate my gifts to the world and pushes me to strive to connect with the true self this world deserves. I am proud to be an Alfie. I will walk in the knowledge and wisdom that as I continue to develop, I am a part of the healing for this world.

This is the truth that being an Alfie reveals to me.

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