Farhia Hassan

Age: 38

Education: Associate of Science in Nursing, Renton Technical College, June 2016

SU Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2020


  • Family Liaison, Renton School District, Renton WA, 2014–2018

  • Volunteer, Somali Health Board, 2014–Present

  • Tutor, Care Center, Renton, WA, 2014–2015

  • Mentor, Somali Youth Services, 2016–2017

  • Secretary, Dimmit Middle School PTA, Renton School District, 2016–2017

  • Member and Co-President, Muslim Student Association, Renton Technical College, 2015

  • Member, Black Student Union, Renton Technical College, 2014–2015


  • Alfie Scholarship, Seattle University, 2018–2020

  • Xavier Scholarship, Seattle University, 2018–2020

  • President’s Honor List twice, Renton Technical College, 2015–2016

  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Renton Technical College, 2015–2016


My key objective is to utilize my degree in promoting these causes. First, I want to promote women and girl’s health actively here and abroad. Secondly, I intend to contribute to the social justice and welfare of the voiceless and disadvantaged communities to acquire the resources they desperately need and health care systems that are affordable and accessible. Lastly, motherhood has been extremely fulfilling and has definitely increased my resiliency, strength of character, and the belief that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Therefore, I intend to make my professional pursuits and successes serve as a good role models for my three boys in order for them to be inspired to do whatever they desire in life.


Civility is a core value of all humans regardless of creed or ethnicity. When united as a society, we become stronger and resist injustices. Hence, if everyone pulls their weight and behaves in a civil manner, our planet and communities will thrive.


I was born in Somalia, East Africa and migrated to the United States 20 years ago. I speak both English and Somali fluently. I am the only one in my family who has attempted to pursue education and attend a four-year course in college. My parents lacked any formal education, but always encouraged me to keep pursuing higher education. Growing up in Somalia, my parents lacked the means to send me to the best schools, although they tried their best to provide basic needs with the little resources they had. I recall coming to the United States as a young girl without parents and having to learn how to survive on my own.

Education is something I deeply cherish and never take for granted, and one of my mottos is “knowledge is the key to success.” Growing up, academic achievement was entrenched in me at an early age, but the civil war in Somalia disrupted my education. Through my hardships and witnessing the devastating aftermath of the Somali civil war, I have gained determination, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. I hope to realize my dream of attending Seattle University to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Alfie scholarship as an effort to help people in and outside of my community. I am extremely passionate in helping others who face negative life circumstances. I am inspired to develop new ways to connect the disconnected, to be the voice of the "voiceless" for everyone in my community. Character is forged through struggle. Struggles are inspiring and are necessary for enlightenment. My struggle has helped me to see that my life will be dedicated to those who are less fortunate. Unquestionably, my goals in aiding others cannot be accomplished without first educating myself. Witnessing the devastating civil war of Somalia, I have quickly gained admiration for the health field. Now my passion is to become a Nurse and civic leader through the education I attain as an Alfie Scholar.

All this time, I knew education was the only way out, but the road would not be easy. Regardless, I managed to finish my high school and enrolled for college classes. All this I did while working full-time and raising three children. Later, I earned my Associate’s degree in 2016, at Renton Technical College.

Usually, when I am not studying or working, I prefer to spend time with my kids. Moreover, I enjoy hiking and taking long walks with my family. I am positive that the Alfie Scholars Program at Seattle University will enable me to contribute to social justice and the welfare of disadvantaged communities here and abroad while making the world a better place to live.


As a young girl, I wish someone had told me that struggles forge characters and we build resilience over time. I have also learned that we can overcome any obstacle in our lives through our strong will and the effort that we put in.

What it means to be an Alfie:

The Alfie Scholars Program provides me a platform to grow, to become a better human being, and to become an exemplary leader of civility. The Alfie Scholars Program is enabling me to become more open-minded about diversity, inclusiveness, and biases that we see in our everyday world. Additionally, the Alfie scholarship is ensuring my financial stability so that I can focus better on my studies.

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