Prostitution, Radical Liberalism, China...Here’s a recap from the Alfie Scholars Senior Conference


To facilitate Alfie Scholars’ development as leaders for civility in their chosen fields and communities, each summer they participate in two Alfie Scholar Conferences. These conferences help form a bridge for students to effectively navigate in academic and professional arenas and communities.

Each summer, as part of their University Core Philosophy Course, Alfie Scholars research a topic of social consequence and analyze it through the lens of civility, philosophy, and their own lived experience. In addition to writing a paper, they also make a class presentation. Rather than present in the classroom, we created the Alfie Scholars Conference to provide a vehicle for them to engage in professional conference experiences. As members of a profession, they will have opportunities to attend and speak at conferences. Scholars respond to a Call for Proposals, and then present or moderate at a conference each summer.

Last week Alfie Scholar seniors took to the podium, supported by alumni Aminata Drammeh, Pa Ousman Jobe, D.D. Meakin, David Rosales Morales, and Gabriel Narvaez, to present on important topics that we as Americans should not shy away from, but many times do.

Here’s a rundown of the program:

Topic: Leadership Without Ethics

Presenter: Abdulqadir Diriye

Moderator: Kaddy Suso


Topic: #MeToo

Presenter: Mariajesus Elgueta

Moderator: Cesar Rios III


Topic: Prostitution: Autonomy, Dignity, and Pleasure Versus Pain

Presenter: Danielle Klindt

Moderator: Stephanie Sanchez


Topic: Nurturing The Acorn To Create A Benevolent and Civil Society

Presenter: Angel Vuong

Moderator: Megan Nguyen


Topic: China’s Social Credit System: The Civility Algorithm

Presenter: Angela Flores-Marcus

Moderator: Jasmina Omerovic


Topic: Exit Civility, Stage Left: Radicalizing of Liberalism in the Wake of Trump

Presenter: Azrael Howell

Moderator: Chhavi Mehra


Topic: How Racism was Licensed Post 2016 U.S. Election

Presenter: Faiza Abaroone

Moderator: Dehka Hassan


Topic: Are We All Immigrants?

Presenter:  Jorge Lara Alvarado

Moderator: Michel Mugisha


For more information on the Alfie Scholars Senior Conference, and a full description of their presentations, please refer to the program. Congratulations to the Alfie Scholars seniors! We cannot wait to see what value your power and poise will bring to our world!