Alfie Scholars 2018 Cohort on the Philosophy of the Civil Person


To cultivate leaders for civility in their chosen professions and communities, we encourage Alfies to embrace their authentic selves and life’s purpose. We support them in doing so by providing the tools to develop and strengthen their own voice. They learn the importance of hearing their own voice, not only for themselves but for their communities and our society at large. The Alfies learn to communicate their ideas, perspectives, emotions, and values that shape their voice.

The annual summer conferences provide the forum for each Alfie to present their research and thoughts about a contemporary social issue, analyze that issue through the lenses of civility and philosophy, and bring their wisdom forth. In this way, they experience their ability to influence how others perceive an issue about which they care deeply.

Last week, the 2018 Cohort gave their first presentation in their first Alfie Scholars conference. They brought their passion, values, and drive for a more civil world to the table. They were fired up and ready to engage, spoke on topics our society needs to address in the realm of economic, social, and educational justice. In so doing, this young group of leaders reminds us that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

“This year the Alfie's brought their A-game to the conference! Their energy, passion, and ideas were inspiring to witness. Each one left us with issues to ponder in new ways. The conference was a wonderful launch for the 2018 Alfie Scholar cohort,” says President/Executive Director of Alfie Scholars.

Here’s a summary of the program:

Human Sex Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

Presenter: Stephanie Sanchez

Moderator: Danielle Klindt

Police Mistreatment of Asians in the United States: A Call for Human Dignity Protection

Presenter: Yue Zhang

Moderator: Soren Tran

One-Size-Fits-All Education System: What about the students who don’t fit the mold?

Presenter: Chloe Zabrek

Moderator: Angela Flores-Marcus

Discrimination, Discipline, and Disparities Prevent Learning.

Presenter: Farhia (Dekha) Hassan

Moderator: Faiza Abaroone

When Universities are Tone-Deaf to the Challenges Faced by International Students, They Diminish the Contributions That International Students Bring.

Presenter: Chhavi Mehra

Moderator: Azrael Howell

The Key to Freedom: Addressing the Challenges Low- income and Immigrant Students Face in Their Pursuit of Education.

Presenter: Kaddy Suso

Moderator: Abdulqadir Diriye

Universal Health Care for All: A Vaccination for Healthy and Civility Society

Presenter: Megan Nguyen

Moderator: Angel Vuong

Becoming American!

Presenter: Michel Mugisha

Moderator: Jorge Lara Alvarado

Artificial Intelligence Civility: Intelligence, Emotional Connection, And Rational Reasoning

Presenter: Jasmina Omerovic

Moderator: Angela Flores-Marcus

A Path to Conscientiousness: Reimagining Our Neighbors the Homeless.

Presenter: Cesar Rios III

Moderator: Mariajesus Elgueta

Asian Discrimination: The Immigrant Story

Presenter: Soren Tran

Moderator: Yue Zhang

Exit Civility, Stage Left: Radicalizing of Liberalism in the Wake of Trump

Presenter: Azrael Howell

Moderator: Chhavi Mehra

For more information on the Alfie Scholars Junior Conference, and a full description of their presentations, please refer to the program.