Natalie Cisneros, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Seattle University

Natalie Cisneros joined the philosophy department faculty in 2015. She works at the intersection of feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, Latin American and Latina/o philosophy and continental philosophy. Within those disciplines, her teaching and research focus on philosophical questions about power: how and where it functions, when it operates to dominate, and how oppressive forms of it might be resisted. During her short time at Seattle University, Natalie has had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of philosophy courses that engage with interdisciplinary and broader political discussions, including Philosophy of the Human Person, Modern Philosophy, and Social and Political Philosophy. As an alumna of Seattle University, Natalie looks forward to enhancing her mission as a teacher and scholar through her collaboration with the Alfie Scholars Program. She is particularly enthusiastic about contributing to the program’s goals of increasing diversity and promoting diverse leadership on campus.

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