The Alfie Scholars Program cultivates leaders for civility, provides financial aid, and supports academic excellence.


About Alfie Scholars

We cultivate leaders for civility who are committed to addressing social issues through dialogue and action; to contributing to the conversation or initiating one; to using their voice to enlighten and speak for the voiceless; to remaining curious, open-minded, and respectful; and to promoting social justice and our shared humanity.

We believe that a robust and sustainable society needs an educated, engaged, and diverse population that practices civility as they address challenging social issues of our times. To ensure that the underrepresented are among those in the position to decide how to address such issues, we provide access for underrepresented transfer students to obtain a bachelor’s degree and thereby increase diversity and civility on campus and in the professions. We create a bridge for our scholars to enter, contribute, and foster civility in higher academia and the professions. To accomplish this, we collaborate with Seattle University, an institution of superior academic standing, whose dedication to forming leaders for social justice is in harmony with our purpose.

Each scholar receives:

  • $15,000 annual scholarship

  • Individual advising and instruction

  • Intensive immersion summer program

  • Leadership and civility training


The Alfie Scholars Program Description

The Alfie Scholars Program is calibrated to promote student excellence by helping our students

  • form strong relationships with the faculty, staff, and other students within the institution,

  • realize that they have a unique contribution to make on campus and in their chosen field,

  • learn to credibly present their ideas in academic and professional contexts through research, writing, and presentation on a social issue assignment each summer, and

  • strengthen their communication, leadership, and civility skills to enable them to add their voice to the important dialogues and policies of our society.

Alfie Scholars attend, as a cohort, two of their required core curriculum philosophy courses during summer sessions before their junior and senior years. These courses provide wrap-around academic enrichment instruction and other educationally enriching activities to prepare them to be leaders for civility. Alfie Juniors have an extended summer program that runs through July, August, and September and includes an intensive research and writing component. In addition, throughout their years at Seattle University, Alfie Scholars participate in a day-long retreat at the beginning of each quarter, special programs, receptions, and other events.

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